About the Teacher

I received my BS in Mathematics Education from North Carolina State University in 1980. I continued with graduate work at the University of South Carolina and the University of Massachusetts, Lowell receiving my MS in mathematics in 1987. I have worked in five high schools and have been at Pelham High School since 2010. I have taught Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Advanced Math, Statistics, Calculus, and Computer Programming, as well as mentoring students in Independent Studies. I believe in mentoring and inspiring each individual student. This involves helping each one develop practices that enable independent learning in any area of endeavor or interest. For more information about these practices see my Main Class Dashboard.

I enjoy curriculum analysis and design. My focus is to ensure that students' exposure to skills is in an appropriate sequence. I always look for ways to make the content relevant and ways to use new tools (primarily technological) to make understanding of concepts easier. The technology tools also remove the tedium of complex calculations that calculators and computers can do more efficiently and accurately. Maintaining a "library" of calculation processes in our heads is no longer as important as it once was. We need to be able to put mathematical concepts together in new and creative ways to solve the complex problems of the global world in which we live. The algorithms for the calculations can be found or delegated to a computer or software applications. In the pursuit of this goal for my students I stay current on the most effective teaching methods. See Learning Model for Classes and Growth Mindset. These are the most promising ideas for helping students become successful, independent learners in a fast-changing world. Sal Khan released another video explaining these ideas on October 2016. Please view his video on Mastery-Based Learning.

I am also one of the advisers for the Math Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta.