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Pelham Elementary - Pelham Memorial Schools


The administration of the Pelham Elementary and Memorial Schools encourages parents to take their vacations during the Pelham School District's vacation periods.  This may be very difficult at certain times and it is noted that children of this age level need to accompany their parents and cannot be left unsupervised during such times.  Considering this, and because of State attendance and truancy laws, absences from school - due to family vacations - are unexcused.

The following procedures and consequences will be enforced when a student is absent from school due to family vacation:

  1. Parents should notify the officials of their child's school of the impending vacation, in writing, indicating exact dates.
  2. For a student to receive credit, all tests, quizzes, and assignments that are missed must be made up within two weeks of returning to school.
  3. Assignments will not be given to a student prior to the vacation period.  However, students may take their texts and/or workbooks with them in order to study anticipated assignments.
  4. Credit for made up work will be as follows:
            -   If a student is absent five or less school days, the student will receive full credit providing the work is made up within two weeks after                                               returning to school.
            -   If a child is absent more than five school days, a loss of one letter grade will be given for each made up assignment.

For assignments not made up during the two-week period, the student will receive a letter grade of "F."
Parents will be notified in writing of this regulation by the building principal. (Copy to the superintendent of schools).
This recommendation results from a review of the intent and purpose of the "High School Attendance/Tardy Policy."

 The concerns addressed are unexcused absences due primarily to family vacations.


In order to use the Parent Portal, you must receive your username and password in person by coming into the main office of PMS anytime during our normal school hours.  We will not mail log on information home or provide it to you over the phone ; you must pick it up in person!  Also, you will be asked to provide proof of identification when you pick up your log on information.  A photo ID such as a drivers license will be sufficient.  


No School Announcements

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Henry LaBranche, wishes to remind all of the residents of the Pelham and Windham School Districts of the "No School Announcement" procedures as we enter into the winter months.  The decision to cancel school on a particular school day will usually be made by 6:00 a.m. in both districts.   However, when appropriate, either or both districts may employ a delayed opening of ninety (90) minutes.  The delay announcement will be made not later than 7:00 a.m.  

Parents/Guardians will be notified by phone via our Alert Now system.  Please be sure to let us know if your phone number changes.  For the convenience of the residents and students of the districts, school cancellations are also made on several radio stations.  Whereas snow conditions create a busy time for all community officials, calls should not be placed to the local police department; but rather, turn your radio to one of the following stations for the information needed. 

        WGIR            610 AM

        WFEA           1370 AM

        WBZ              1030 AM

        WZID               95.7 FM

Please be sure that your child has an emergency plan on file with their teacher in the event of an early
release due to inclement weather or power outage, etc.

 We would like to share some Internet Safety information with you.  With cyber-bullying/harassment incidents on the rise, please take some time to review and educate your students in social network etiquette.  The Internet has changed the way we communicate, so it is imperative we share strategies with young students to successfully navigate this medium.  The following tips will hopefully create a dialogue at home and school to develop good habits on the computer.

 1.      Determine when to let your child use a social network site.  Use your judgment to allow access based on each child’s maturity level and the nature of the site he/she wishes to access.  Trying to block Internet access is unrealistic and the student will likely try to go online elsewhere.

 2.      Educate students in the use of use good habits.  Try to arrange time to be with your child the first time he/she connects to new social sites.  Set rules for them to adhere to and follow them.  Include rules such as never give addresses, bus stop info, or school they attend.

 3.      Make sure privacy settings are maximized.  Teach children to restrict posts to people they personally know and trust.

 4.      Keep communication constant and continuous.  Parents should always converse with students about whom they talk with on-line and any troubling or disturbing content they may see or receive.

 5.      Keep guard of their on-line reputation.  Remind students that future school principals, college admission boards, and employers can see what they post.  Once items are on the Internet, they are there forever.

 6.      Report inappropriate behavior and comments to the social networking site.  These sites have a complaint department for people to access in order to report bad conduct.

 Please be aware of what your student is doing on-line.  Help us keep your children safe.  For additional tips to assist with on-line safety, access Safety Web or contact us here at Pelham Memorial

 Thank You

 Mrs. Pinsonneault and Miss Maghakian


Cell Phones Reminders....

Students may bring cell phones into the building under the following rules: 

  1.  The cell phone must be turned off.
  2.  The cell phone must be stored in your locker/book bag/purse.
  3.  Students MAY NOT use cell phones during the school day--7:30am - 2:00pm.
  4.  Students MAY use cell phones after school in the cafeteria, front hallway, or outside.

 Cell phones will be taken away and given to the principal if students use

them during the school day or they ring during class.
  • First Offense:  Verbal warning from principal. Phone returned to student at the end of the day.
  • Second Offense: Detention from principal. Phone returned only to parent--NOT to student.
  • Third Offense:  Community School suspension. Phone returned only to parent--student NOT ALLOWED to bring cell phone to school for remainder of the year!
Dear Parent(s)/Guardian:

Effective immediately, students will not be allowed to bring soda and power/energy drinks to school.  The following websites are just a few that address the concerns we have regarding these drinks.

One excerpt states......"King would discourage the use of any supplemental drink in children because they can train the brain to make less of the natural energy chemicals that fuel the body. "It is the same kind of dependence adults feel if they don't get their two cups of coffee a day", she says. Recent studies have shown that children and adolescents are vulnerable to caffeine withdrawal, which causes a person to feel angry and have problems thinking clearly.


We have had problems in the past in the bathrooms with vandalism, graffiti, etc.  When this occurs, the affected bathroom remains closed until administration investigates the situation and the bathroom is cleaned.  Students in that grade level then have to use the bathroom in the nurses' office.  Please take a moment to speak with your children about this issue and reinforce bathroom etiquette. This shows a lack of respect for the school property which you, as parents, support through your taxes. 

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.