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Washington DC Trip 2012


Washington, D. C. 2012




Our annual trip to Washington, D.C. is scheduled for  May 7, 2013.  Any fundraising money will be applied to your child's account and any overage paid will be reimbursed following their return.   The cost of the trip this year is $715.00.

This year we are working with a company called Smithsonian Student Travel.  They will be handling all aspects of the trip, including registration, deposits, payments, etc.  Parents will also have access to their web site and will have an account established in their child's name.

 Following are specific criteria for attendance on this trip as established by the administration and the teachers:

  • Students failing any academic classes for the year by the end of the third marking period will not be allowed to attend.
  • Any student suspended at any time during the school year for drugs/alcohol/cigarettes/weapons will not be allowed to attend.
  • Any student suspended in-school or sent to Community School for a total of two infractions, for any reason, will be not allowed to attend.
  • Parents will be made aware of ongoing repeated behavioral infractions that will jeopardize the student's ability to attend the trip.
  • Student must be currently enrolled in Pelham Memorial School to attend.

We trust that you will give us your support. In addition, you may wis
h to establish your own criteria at home and we certainly encourage you to do so.

Washington, DC Dress Code

No Jeans -   (Only allowed on travel days - Tuesday and Friday)/No Pajama pants to travel

GIRLS: No tank tops, spaghetti straps, halter tops, t-shirts.  No short-short or short skirts (remember the finger tip rule).

BOYS: No sleeveless undershirts or t-shirts. No camouflage of any kind - shirts, pants, shorts, hats, etc.

GIRLS/BOYS:   No underwear should be showing - tops or bottoms!

Girls:   Shorts, skirts, dresses MUST follow the school dress code.

            (Skirts/shorts must extend past the fingertips down the leg).

Please bring the following:   Spring jacket/sneakers (for touring) underwear, socks, sleepwear.

Boys: Please bring the following:

Collared shirts  - (golf shirts, etc.), sneakers (for touring), spring jacket, underwear, socks and sleepwear.

All school dress code rules and trip dress code rules will be strictly enforced.  Students will be checked BEFORE boarding the buses each morning.

Penalties for dress code violations will be as follows:

FIRST time you are sent back to your room to change = No Water Country Field Trip and parents will be called by the school.

SECOND time you are sent back to your room to change = No Graduation Dance and parents will be called by the school.


Dress Code.  I acknowledge that I have read and understand the dress code as described above.

Student Name:________________________________

Parent Signature:______________________________                            Date:_______________

Behavior Code for Washington, D. C. Trip

Following are the rules we have established for the trip to Washington, D.C. We would like you to discuss them with your child.

At night, lights are to be out one hour after arrival time back to rooms.

No co-ed room visitations; no co-ed seating on buses.

No loud music, television or talking after midnight.

No racial slurs.

No use of hotel room telephones.

No room service. No sending out for pizza, etc.

No coolers.

No drugs, alcohol, cigarettes.

No running or yelling in any public building in Washington.

No gum chewing!

Any decisions to be made will be left to the discretion of the chaperones.

Disciplinary Procedures

        Step 1 - Phone call home to parents.

        Step 2 - Suspension from the end of the year 8th grade activities (Water Country, Dinner Dance, Graduation).

        Step 3 - Suspension from school upon return.


Choose a responsible "Room Leader" to carry the key.

Devise a shower schedule (2 at night, 2 in the morning).

Lock all valuables in suitcase.

Always double up with someone - don't wander around alone!

Keep hotel rooms orderly.

If prone to bus or motions sickness, you may want to consider taking Dramamine.

Bring your itinerary - hang it in your room for quick reference.

We are looking forward to the trip and trust that we will have a great time. The rules, we are sure you will agree, are fair and appropriate. Please discuss them with your child.

What "TO" Bring

1 Suitcase or 1 overnight or Duffle Bag                                                                           

Paperback books/magazines                                                                               Playing cards

Inexpensive camera/film (no cell phone pictures)                                                  $25-$50 spending money

CD player with headphones                                                                                  Medicines

CDs/extra batteries                                                                                               Snacks/munchies - non-perishable

Tooth Brush/Tooth Paste                                                                                        alarm clock - 2 per room

Comb/Brush                                                                                                          wristwatch (cell phones cannot be used as watches)

Hair Dryer                                                                                                              Shampoo

Sunscreen                                                                                                              Deodorant

6 Changes of Clothing:

- Sneakers for touring

- Sweater/jacket                                                                                               - Rain gear

- Underwear/socks                                                                                           - Sleepwear


Aerosol products Bathing Suits                                                                     Cigarettes/Lighters/Matches Extra speakers

Gaming Systems Inappropriate T-shirts                                                    Irons Knives of any kind/weapons

Laser pointers Perishables                                                                             Small appliances Valuables

Walkie-talkies Wallet chains                                                                          Personal DVD players


Students should arrive at Memorial School no later than 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning, May _____. Students should leave their luggage in the designated area and report to their homerooms for check-in. Turn in this Baggage Check Form to your teacher and you will then be notified when it is time to board the buses.

The nurse will station herself in the office to facilitate the collecting of medications.

Parents are to park in parking spaces and not against the curb in front of the school as this is where the buses will be parking.




I have checked my child's luggage and it does not contain any restricted items.

Parent(s) Signature:_________________________________

Student's Signature:______________________________ Bus #:__________



Yes______ No______ Cell Phone #_______________

Cell phones must be shut off at all times, except when the students are in their room for the night. Pelham Memorial School and Smithsonian Student Travel is not responsible if someone's phone is lost or stolen.

Cell phones cannot be used as cameras or watches.

Mary Butler,
May 10, 2012, 5:53 AM