Grade 8

Ms. Bannon - English

Mrs. Lamontagne - English

Mrs. Sapienza - Math

Mr. Gaudreau - Social Studies

Mrs. Bryant - Social Studies

Mrs. Carten, Math

Mrs. Whalen, Science

Mrs. J. Lally, Grade 8 Science

Eighth Grade Supply List
English Class:

1” binder (preferably black)

* Filler paper

4 tabs/dividers (DOL, grammar, writing, literature)

1 composition notebook – lined paper (to be left in class for journaling)

1 jumbo book cover (preferably black)

Index cards

Post-it notes (optional)

Writing utensils (pencil/pens blue or black pen only!)

Don’t forget about summer reading


1” binder (preferably blue)

* Filler paper

Pencils and erasers

1 jumbo book cover (preferably blue)

Writing utensils (preferably pencil)


1” binder (preferably green)

* Filler paper

1 book cover (preferably green)

Writing utensil (pencil/blue or black pen)

8th Grade Math students
:  Click the mapleta link below to access the site.

Summer Reading

This lets all middle school student about the summer reading program.

Behavior Plan

Social Studies

1” binder (preferably red)

Notebook with holes (store in binder)

1 red folder with holes (store in binder)

1 jumbo book cover (preferably red)

Writing utensil (pencil/blue or black pen)

Correcting pen (red, green, purple, etc.)

World Language

1” binder with dividers (preferably white)

* Filler paper

3x5 index cards

Pencils/pens (replenish at mid-year)

Colored pencils or markers for projects


*Filler paper – buy one pack of (100) lined paper for each class.

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May 22, 2012, 8:38 AM