Fun Fitness – October 3            Rain Date – October 4

Your child used EPIC in class and read many interesting stories and watched videos. This site allows your child to read during school hours only. The information is attached if you are interested in purchasing it for home.


SignUpGenius will go online Friday, September 28 at 3:30. Conferences will be held October 22 – October 25. Please let me know if you don't receive an email.

Each day your son/daughter will be bringing some of his/her weekly accomplishments and important notices home in this blue folder. Looking the papers over will keep you informed about important events that will be occurring in the classroom and the school. The papers will also tell you what your child is learning in class. This is an opportunity to praise your child for a job well done or offer extra practice for skills not yet mastered. Before returning the blue folder please take out the papers. This folder can also be used for communication. If your son/daughter has reworked any papers please DO send them back as credit is given for work that is redone.

All homework for the week will be stapled together and sent home in the blue folder on Monday. I will type out a cover page and attach it to the homework. Messages will be written on the bottom of the cover page about events that are important for you to know. Please have your child bring the homework packet to school each day in the blue folder. I will look quickly at your child’s work, but I will wait until Friday to collect the completed packet.  It is important to build a routine to bring homework in each day. This will help your child build good habits for future years. Homework is very important and reinforces the skills learned. Please ensure your child does a quality job while completing his/her work and provide help if necessary. If your child brings homework that is not correct, please feel free to help him/her fix the work and bring it back to school.

The Student Planner should be brought in every Monday. Homework for the week and spelling words will be written in the Student Planner and sent home on Mondays. Please mark minutes read on the calendar located in the front of the book. When your child reaches 300 reading minutes he/she will earn a reward. Sitting next to a friend for a day, being line leader, or teaching a small art lesson are examples of rewards that your child can earn. We will make a list of choices in class.

Our homework schedule is listed below.

Monday – Spelling                                                  (Read for 15 minutes)

Tuesday – Math                                                      (Read for 15 minutes)

Wednesday – Reading/Comprehension                     (Read for 15 minutes)

Thursday – Science/Social Studies/Reading               (Read for 15 minutes)

Every child in our room has a mailbox where papers are put in that need to go home. I have the children take turns putting in the papers each week. This is a helpful way for them to increase their organization and sorting skills. As a result sometimes papers get put in the wrong mailboxes. Please send back papers that do not belong to your child. I will put in important messages, completed tests, or graded papers to ensure they go home with the correct children. If a paper has CT (corrected together) written on it then that paper was corrected by your child in class and DT (did together) means we completed the paper together.

I appreciate all your help and support. If we work together we will ensure your child gets the best education possible while having fun. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email (pmansfield@pelhamsd.org), call, or write me a note.