Welcome Parents & Students


Welcome Fourth Grade Families
Mrs. Harden's Fourth Grade Class
Room 308, Pelham Elementary School


Happy Valentine's Day! 

The students and I all enjoyed a festive Valentine's Day party this afternoon. Special thanks go out to everyone who donated something for the party. The goodies were very much appreciated! 

Let me give you a Biography Report update. I am moving the deadline to Monday February 19th. We have been working on note taking at school and hopefully at home. The next step that I showed them was to transfer their notes onto a paragraph template. If they use this, then it will help them to have the correct amount of paragraphs in the correct sequence. We will be starting to then type those templates onto a Google Doc in class tomorrow and Friday. They should take the weekend to complete the cover, timeline and get together any props for their presentation. I can print anything that needs to be printed here at school.
I am looking forward to hearing about the famous people that everyone chose. There will be no presentations on Monday. I will let your child know when to bring in their costumes and props.
Thank you for all of your help and support for this important project.
Have a happy and healthy February vacation!

Stay well,
Susan Harden