Meet the Teacher

Hello, my name is Randy Coutu.

This is my thirteenth year as an art teacher. I am state certified and have a dual bachelor's degree in Art Education grades K-12, and a bachelor's degree in Illustration and Design. I am currently working towards a master's degree program in the Art of Education with a concentration in Professional Learning Communities.

I am married and am a very proud dad of my ten year old daughter Maylee who is starting fifth grade this year. I have a dog named Isabelle who is 17 years old and have a rescue dog named Stanley, and Brownee, (Maylee's Kitty) a 5 year old always getting herself in trouble!

In my spare time I like painting, drawing, home projects, weight lifting, riding my Victory motorcycle, driving my lifted 4x4 Tacoma,  playing frisbee and hiding seek with my daughter Maylee.

If you ever have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me...I look forward to working with your child!

I wish everyone a great 2017/ 2018 school year!

Meet Stanley...