Meet Ms.Cartier- School Counselor

My name is Ms. Cartier.  I  am, one of two school counselors here at Pelham Memorial.  Students and teachers are able to speak with me by stopping by my office  or  through scheduled appointments, that can be arranged either  by email or  phone.  The guidance office is located on the second floor at Pelham Memorial. Parents can also  discuss  student  concerns  by  phone , email or  scheduled appointments.  Student appointments are typically  scheduled during ABC and lunch periods, however  other times  can be arranged  as needed.  

As a general rule, Mr. Hatzimanolas and myself,  divide  students by their  last names to  help  guide our  counseling support responsibilities.   Hence,  students with the last names that begin with the letter A-K, generally see me, but this arrangement is only a guide however, as we have adjusted  based  on what best fits the needs of students.