Today in Class


Finish section on Washington's Commanders.

Work on study guide for summative on Tuesday (Declaration of Independence to Washington's Commander's)


American Rev. Interactive Notebook - Washington's Commanders.

Benedict Arnold Video


American Rev. Interactive Notebook - Advantages/Disadvantages of the British and Continental Army


Discussion about Pres. Bush's passing and tribute video

Create section of Interactive Notebook


Begin American Revolution Interactive Notebook - Loyalists v. Patriots

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day discussion


Read Chapter 6 Lesson 1 and answer section review questions.


Go over Fact v Fiction Activity

D of I Crossword Puzzle


Continue with 1776 The Musical and Fact vs. Fiction


Begin 1776 The Musical and Fact vs. Fiction


27 Abuses of the King Drawing


Declaration Rewrite Presentations.


Work on Declaration of Independence Group Translation - Be prepared to present to the class tomorrow. Final product will count as a formative assessment.

Road to Revolution retake opportunity tomorrow.


Read Chapter 5 Sec. 4 and watch Morgan Freeman Presents the Reading of the Declaration of Independence.


Field Trip to the Freedom Trail


Delay - Summative on the Road to Revolution


Finish Presentations


Begin Presentations


Finish foldable notes and begin study guide for summative on Friday


No School - Veterans Day


Turn in Farcebook Page

Boston Massacre Primary Source Analysis (Classroom)

Foldable Notes - Boston Massacre to the Tea Act


Complete Sons and Daughters of Liberty Farcebook Page (Google Classroom)

Work on Causes Project due 11/13


Mid term election research and mock election


Continue with foldable notes (Declaratory Act and Townshend Act)

Begin Farcebook Page


Continue with foldable notes (Quartering Act - Stamp Act)


In class work period on Causes Project.


Foldable Timeline Notes - Writs of Assistance and the Proclamation of 1763.


Read chapter 5 lesson 2 and complete section review questions.


Pick topics for Causes Project (Assignment can be found in Google Classroom)

Create Foldable Timeline


Half-day - Introduce Causes Project


Chapter 5 Lesson 1 Read and complete lesson review activities.


Introduction to the Road to Revolution Notes.

Colonial Occupations game.


French and Indian War Quiz.


French and Indian War individual read, group share, and whole class report out activity. Quiz tomorrow!


The War that Made America - Battle of Monongahela and the Battle of Quebec


Before and After the French and Indian War Map of North America

Please remember to turn in permission slips tomorrow.


Turn in political cartoon

Finish notes on the French and Indian War

Hand out Freedom Trail Permission Slip due back Friday


The Albany Plan of Union

Political Cartoon Analysis and Drawing


OAS #3

French and Indian War intro notes/discussion


Tiger Challenge Day

Hand in Cemetery Project


Writing Period


How to cite primary sources.


Research Day Continued...Project Due Friday.


Primary Source Research Day - Do not work on assignment over the weekend! We will look at more primary sources on Tuesday.


Pelham Center Cemetery Field Trip - Data Collection


Pelham History Pear Deck

Please don't forget your permission slips - we are walking to the cemetery tomorrow!!!


Graph your neighborhood and Google Earth activity

Paragraph on your place in Pelham - How long have you lived here? When was your house/neighborhood built? What is the nearest main road? Do you live near any bodies of water or hills?

Don't forget your permission slip for the walk to the cemetery on Wednesday.


Summative on Unit 1 - Colonial Era


Kahoot! Review

Go over study guide - summative tomorrow


Finish notes on the Middle Colonies. Begin working on the study guide for the summative on Friday. Study guide can be found on Classroom along with unit notes.


Watch second half of Desperate Crossings, answer discussion questions and submit through classroom. Begin working on study guide for summative on Friday.


Watch first half of Desperate Crossings: The Untold Story of the Mayflower and take notes on discussion questions.


Complete Ch.3 Lesson 1 reading and section review questions.


Begin New England Colonies

Explore online textbook


Finish Southern Colonies Discussion/Notes


Notes and discussion on the Southern Colonies - Virginia and Maryland


Jamestown Project student presentations.

CNN 10 - Constitution Day


Finish work on Jamestown Project - Presentations on Monday.


Continue to work on Jamestown Project

Complete Jamestown Day 2 Form


Begin work on Jamestown Project - Due 9/17


Participate in the 9/11 Webinar : Anniversary in the Schools

Introduce Jamestown Project and assign groups (Project Description and Rubric are on Google Classroom)


Watch and play the Jamestown Game :

Record your scores/answers in the form on Google Classroom.

(9/5 + 9/6)

I-ready Testing

Pear Deck - Quakers and Puritans

Lost Colony of Roanoke: Watch

Answer the following question - What do you think happened to the lost colonists and explain your reasoning.


OAS #1 (Appalachian Mountains Map Activity)

Harvard Outline Notes Sample

Colonial Era Pear Deck and Notes


Join Google Classroom

Citizenship Test -

Pocahontas Myth vs. Legend Activity


Where Have I Been? Map Activity


First Day of School Introductions