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What is Physical Education?

Is it the same as gym class? Not exactly. And this may seem a little picky, but there is a difference between the terms. When you are in science class you learn science, math class you learn math, etc. If it were called gym class we would learn about the gym. And gym class was always known for playing games. But what was the purpose of those games? No one really knows. The emphasis was on the rules of the games, not the concepts, skills, or benefits of the game. 

The purpose of physical education is to gain knowledge about our body, how to move it, become coordinated, and to develop habits of a healthy lifestyle. The term physical denotes that we are learning about our bodies. We definitely play games but the games are the means to the end product. Not the product themselves. The games are used to motivate students to learn, inspire them to want to continue to seek physical activity outside of school, expose them to new ways to move and play, and provide a wide variety of learning methods. My motto is "Play to Learn not Play to win".  While I certainly want all students to try their best to win the game, we do not put the emphasis on who won. We try to remind ourselves that the game taught us something that can help us become better people, teammates, and movers.


How should my child prepare for P.E.?

Comfortable clothing is key. Skirts and dresses should be avoided to prevent
embarrassment in awkward physical situations. Any comfortable loose shirts
(according to the dress code in the handbook) is fine. Shoes are the biggest
concern. The dress code prohibits the wearing of sandals, flip flops, slippers or
heelies with wheels. Many students do wear sneakers but do not tie them tight
enough. All the slack should be pulled from the laces and tied with the laces on the outside
of the shoe. The shoes should also be laced properly to allow tightening as
needed. This should happen EVERY SCHOOL DAY! There are many students in the
school and doing everything possible to keep them safe is our job.