Atlas of Congenital Heart Disease Nomenclature

You can now purchase the Atlas of Congenital Heart Disease Nomenclature on Createspace here or on Amazon here.

“The broad spectrum of the commonest congenital defects in man includes astonishingly complicated cardiac pathology resulting from disordered embryogenesis. The nomenclature systems developed by the two giants in the field, Richard Van Praagh and Robert Anderson, reflect this exquisite complexity. The Atlas of Congenital Heart Disease Nomenclature provides a simplified, organized and accessible resource to explain these daunting nomenclature systems.  The Atlas summarizes, for each congenital heart defect, the pathology and nomenclature approaches of Van Praagh and Anderson utilizing text, tables and simplified drawings.  This Atlas will be equally valuable to trainees and seasoned pediatric and adult congenital heart specialists who struggle to master these nomenclatures.”

Ira Parness, MD

Chief of Pediatric Cardiology

The Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital

“The ability to describe, and communicate, accurately the anatomy of the congenitally malformed heart is fundamental to good science and good care. The Van Praaghian and Andersonian nomenclatures have evolved as parallel, sometimes overlapping, but fundamentally different languages, and while the nirvana of a single ‘common’ language is awaited, today’s practitioner needs to be fluent in both. This book is a timely contribution that allows trainee and expert alike to reconcile the two approaches, and I believe it will become ‘required reading’ for all in our field.”


Andrew Redington, MD

Chief of Pediatric Cardiology

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital