The Watergate Scandal



    On June 17th 1972, 5 men were arrested trying to break into the Democratic National Committee Headquarters at the Watergate Complex. These men were commissioned by Richard Nixon and his top administration to sneak into the DNC HQ and spy on the Democrats campaign plans. Nixon had these men attempt to set-up wire taps in which phone call conversations are heard and recorded.

Gordon G. Liddy on the General Counsel for Re-election of the President proposed this idea of illegal spying on the Democrats. Re-electing Nixon in the upcoming 1972 election was so important to the Republicans who shuddered at the thought of having Democrat George McGovern take to the White House. Republicans believed that Nixon was the ‘end’ to communism and if a Democrat took office, the country would be doomed.

The Democrats were rumored to have dirt on Richard Nixon, even though later this proves to be false. It turns out, the Democratic National Committee chairman, Lawrence O’Brien had no dirt on the Nixon administration. Liddy’s burglars invaded the DNC HQ anyway and were caught and brought to justice just before the looming election of 1972.

Nixon addressing the nation about the breaking news of the scandal.