Voyage to Farland Greenlight Demo Version

Voyage to Farland 
demo version

See below for zip/tar archives with Win/Linux/MacOSX demo versions of Voyage to Farland for the Steam Greenlight campaign!

NOTES: This is version 2.3.1 with controller and mouse support! Hit F1 for Docs, F10 to set up display preferences (e.g. start game in Fullscreen and/or borderless fullscreen window).

The demo limits your character to level 5, but will give you a taste of the gameplay. Have fun and try the Training Dungeon first if you're new to Mystery Dungeon style games!

Quick rundown of the controls:
 Arrow Keys     character movement & menu navigation
 A     Attack/talk/select in menus
 B Open inventory menu/Back out of menus
 G Dash (or "Go!") along corridors/swap spaces with NPCs
 R     Rotate, i.e. allow direction change w/o using a turn. Hold it while using arrow keys.
 D Restrict movement to diagonal (e.g. up+left arrows). Hold while using arrow keys.
 F     Fire equipped slingshot pellets/use monster's special attack after changing into a monster.

All the keys except the arrow movement keys are remappable to your liking, and mouse/controller support is in this latest version! Hit F2 to remap keys and assign controller buttons (default is compatible with the Xbox360 controller).

1) Download the archive for your computer below (Win/Linux/Mac)
  • Use blue the "down arrow" button
    to the far right (and possibly hold Ctrl while clicking) to download rather than just preview the zip archive contents.
2) Unzip it on your computer
3) Double-click Voyage.exe (Win) or the Voyage script (Linux/Mac) and start your adventure!

NOTE: Voyage to Farland requires the Java 1.6 runtime (or higher)

Concept art copyright, Shroom Arts Blogspot.
All other content copyright, Peculiar Games and P.A. Casey.

To download an archive, click the down blue arrow at the far right

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