Voyage to Farland for Windows PCs

Voyage to Farland demo version

See below for a zip archive with the demo version of Voyage to Farland. How's it different from the full version on Desura?  Your hero is limited to 5 levels, but pretty much everything else is left as-is for you to explore the game and see if you enjoy it. 

Have fun and try the Training Dungeon first if you're new to Mystery Dungeon style games.

1) Download below
  • It has a Windows .exe version of the game
  • You might have to use the "down arrow" button to the far right and possibly hold Ctrl while clicking to download rather than just preview the zip archive contents.
2) Unzip it on your PC
3) Double-click Voyage.exe and start your adventure!

NOTE: Voyage to Farland requires the Java 1.6 runtime (or higher)

Concept art copyright, Shroom Arts Blogspot.
All other content copyright, Peculiar Games and P.A. Casey.

To download an archive, click the down blue arrow at the far right

Voyage to Farland
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Patrick Casey,
Dec 30, 2014, 4:54 AM