Student Council Homepage

Dancin' through the decades Homecoming 2016!

2016-17 Members    
Allie Greene - President
Emily Bullock- VIce President
Maddie Baer - Secretary
Kirsten Kendell - Treasurer
Ana Batista
Gracie Carter

Makenzie Kunkel
Brianna Meyer
Meghan Salamon
Taylor Swanson
Tyler Swanson
Dominic Milam
Alyssa Baxter
Paola Sandoval
Jessica Logsdon

Mrs. Jessica Berg
Mrs. Deb Runte

Student Council is continually planning activities 
to help you make memorable moments 
in your years at PHS. 
Tell your class representative
 if you have an idea for a new activity 
that you'd like us to consider
incorporating into Homecoming activities
 or as a monthly activity. 

High School is more fun 
when you participate!

Student Council