Mrs. Schiesher

Friday, December 15, 2017


Bullying Video - Amazing!

Key points: Be ready for a quiz!
Root words: quizlet



Drama terms

-independent clause - complete thought - can stand alone as a sentence
-dependent clause - can't stand alone as a complete thought because of the subordinating conjunction

Nouns & their five jobs - subject, predicate noun, direct & indirect object, object of the preposition

Adverbs - how when where

subject & object pronouns
I bake brownies. (I is a subject pronoun)
Bob baked him brownies. (Him is an object pronoun)

Who & We are used as subjects  -  Whom & Us are used as objects

possessive pronouns - his, her, its, theirs, ours, my

transitive & intransitive verbs
Principal parts of verbs
present / present participle / past / past participle
smile        is smiling               smiled    had smiled