Mrs. Schiesher

7th & 8th Grade ELA

Friday, February 15 - Week 6 of quarter 3

January 7 - March 8

I regret to have to send this e-mail, but there has been a large amount of cheating involving the vocab. workshop book assignments. Each time an assignment is due multiple students are caught trying to copy answers through photos on phones messaged to friends, or just sitting next to each other handing answers over book to book. This has become such a widespread 8th grade issue that it is truly difficult to narrow down and punish all culprits. After talking with the other 8th grade ELA teachers we feel that for right now, the best plan to resolve this issue is to require all vocab. books to stay in the classroom and all work on the assignments be completed in the classroom where we can monitor things. This means that your student will need to use their class time wisely and that they will have to depend on the online resources available to them to study for the tests outside of the classroom. There are quizlets posted for each unit as well as an online log in for sadlier connect that will give them access to the words and definitions as well as other study tools. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes some of you.