Class Schedule

1st:   8:00-8:42      7th Math
2nd:  8:46-9:28      Prep
3rd:   9:32-10:14    7th Math Co-Taught with Mrs.Powers
4th:   10:18-11:00  7th Math Co-Taught with Ms. Branham
5th:   11:00-11:30  Lunch
6th:   11:30-12:15  8th Math Co-Taught with Mrs. Kalas
7th:   12:15-1:00    RtI
8th:   1:04-1:46      Rotation
9th:   1:50-2:32      7th Math
10th: 2:36-3:15      ISP

Contact Info

Robert Cyr


815-239-2612 x1278

Available WITHOUT appointment:
    7:30-7:55, ISP and 3:15-3:45

Available With Appointment:
    7:00-7:30 and 3:45-4:15

Welcome to 7th grade math! I am Robert Cyr, your  child's math teacher this year. We are going to have a great year with a brand new textbook, enVision 2.0 from Pearson. This textbook will be entirely online with many additional resources available through Pearson. 

We are continuing to use Google Classroom as our main source of information. 

It is VERY important that you know your student's username and password for Google Classroom.