Ms. Kreuziger

Welcome to my classroom website. On here I will post updates, newsletters, photos and more!

I am excited to teach 5K this year again here at Palmyra Elementary School. This is my fifth year at Palmyra Elementary School. I have taught 4k, 5K, and 1st grade. 

Since I can remember I have always wanted to be a teacher and have a passion for learning and children. When I was in first grade, I decided my goal was to be a teacher and now I am that teacher I have always dreamed of!  Before I came to Palmyra I worked at various childcare centers and I also taught 4K for a year in Whitewater. 

I grew up in Beaver Dam, WI and went to college in Whitewater. I now live in LaGrange. This area of the state is beautiful. I have 3 cats, 4 turtles, fish, buttonquail and 3 ducks. One fish tank is at school with Giant (a goldfish) and 2 minnows. One cat is my dream cat, a manx. Manx cats have little to no tails! Patty’s tail is only about 1 inch long! The buttonquail I incubated and hatched with my class last year. I can't wait to incubate something new this year! I love reading and collecting books. Dr. Seuss is my favorite children's author. My goal is to slowly collect all his books.

Watch for newsletters and a weekly review packet on Mondays. The newsletter will preview the week and have any reminders included. The review packet will have review activities from the previous week to do at home! These will help keep you informed on what your child is doing in class and also it is a great connection between home and school for the students. They will be able to get some extra practice and show off their learning. These packets do NOT need to come back to school. They are for you to do as you please at home.

Each student will have a take home folder that will go back and forth every day. This will help get paperwork and information to you and to me. I will put in a new behavior calendar each month as well. I record where they were on the color chart at the end of each day and make any notes if necessary. You may also leave me notes in your child's take home folder. I check them right away in the morning!

I can’t wait to spend the next year learning and growing with your child. If you have any questions throughout the year, please feel free to contact me. Thanks for your cooperation.


Classroom Announcements
  • Library: every Monday
  • November 17: No School
  • November 22-24: No School
  • December 1: End Trimester 1
  • December 4: Music Concert
  • December 22: Early Dismissal 12:30pm
  • December 23-January 1: No School