Mr. Matthew Abshire

Hello, my name is Matthew Abshire, I am the 6th grade teacher for Eagle Elementary School.

I grew up just down the road in Mukwonago going through their public school system.  I am the youngest of 3 boys.  My oldest brother Bob lives in Appleton with his wife and just began teaching as a Special education teacher in Appleton East High school.  My second oldest brother Bill lives in Milwaukee with his wife working as a tech trainer for a recruitment company,  and my wife and I live in Mukwonago with our 7th month old daughter Kennedy.  I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison in 2015 as a dual certified  elementary and special education teacher.  

As you will find out about me, I love the Badgers.  However, this love extends to all Wisconsin athletics.  Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons. The first being the start of school, and the second is the beginning of football season.  I myself like to stay very active, playing in either recreational leagues for football and volleyball,  as well as training for races.  My other hobbies include playing various strategical games such as Settlers of Catan, Risk, and card games: Sheepshead and Double Deck Euchre.  

My previous education experience came from teaching in a 3rd grade classroom from 2015-2016 in a private catholic school.  I’m very excited to have the chance to teach your students as they will challenge me in ways just as much as I will challenge them.  I’m a very open person, so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have.  Also, if you think of any questions or need to contact me for any reason I am accessible through email and phone.


Matthew Abshire    


Classroom Announcements
  • Student's are working on our Country Christmas Tradition assignment.
  • Projects are due January 19, but will be presented to the school on Friday January 20th