Welcome to the Palmyra and Eagle 5th and 6th grade band page! 

I am so glad that your child has chosen to participate in band this year. Band is a great opportunity for students to learn an instrument, develop an interest in music, work cooperatively with peers, and develop valuable life-skills. Through experiences in band class, your child will develop traits such as dedication, determination and perseverance. Band students learn about responsibility through taking care of their instrument and time management through making efforts to schedule daily practice.The opportunity to perform cooperatively as an ensemble is another enriching team-building experience for band students. Music classes offer students the chance to work through challenging literature together and progress towards a performance. Performing in an ensemble gives students the chance to participate in a setting where the contributions of every member are a crucial part of the performance.

It is very difficult for students to make progress without your encouragement and support. Please remember that your child is just beginning to learn their instrument, which is a very challenging and sometimes frustrating task. It will take continued practice for students to make progress, but you will notice that with this dedication your child will improve every day.

Please refer to the attached pages for detailed information on classroom and practice expectations, schedules, upcoming events, and much more!