Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory (MACI) Overview

Unlike many other clinicial instruments developed for adults and adapted for adolescents, the MACI assessment was specifically created to address the unique concerns, pressures and situations facing teens. Brief and easy to administer, the MACI can assist practitioners in constructing treatment plans customized to individual needs and help them guide troubled youth toward healthier, more authentic lives. 

The MACI Revision aims to increase relevance to contemporary practice, increase effectiveness of scales, and update the language used throughout the test. The upcoming revision will maintain a quick administration time of 30 minutes or less to complete and obtain the maximum amount of information with a minimal amount of the test-taker's effort--a feature that mental health professionals have found especially helpful in working with adolescents.


Are You Interested?

Although you will opt-in to participate via your Q-global account, we prefer that you also complete the interest form here.

Questions about the MACI Research Project?

For questions directly related to participation in the MACI Research Project, call 800.233.5686 to speak with the MACI Field Research Coordinator, Dylan Jones, or email

Participate in the Revision 

The MACI Research Project will be available in Q-global. To participate in the project, follow these steps:

  1. Ask your examinee if he/she is willing to answer the 70 additional items for research purposes.
  2. Log into your Q-global account and assign the MACI to your examinee.
  3. Choose to participate in the MACI Research Edition for that specific examinee when prompted.
  4. Select the type of compensation that you wish to receive. 
  5. Administer the MACI Research Edition using on-screen administration or a paper test booklet.
  6. Complete a Clinician Rating Form for that specific examinee.

Complete step-by-step details are provided in the MACI Research Project Participant’s Guide. This guide will be available in the Q-global Resource Library. It can also be accessed on this page under the Project Documents section below.

Project Documents

Please review the MACI Research Project FAQs and the Participant's Guide to learn more. Both will be available in the Q-global Resource Library.

    Frequently Asked Questions        

Compensation for Participation

As an examiner participating in the MACI Research Project, you will be compensated for your participation as follows:

  • For each examinee who completes the experimental items in the MACI Research Edition, you can select to receive either one MACI Interpretive Report credit for future use or $35.00 payable by check.
  • For every completed Clinician Rating Form, you can select to receive either one MACI Interpretive Report credit for future use or $35.00 payable by check.
Since the MACI is administered during the normal part of your assessment process and requires minimal extra effort, Pearson will not compensate the examinee.

Please note:
You are allowed to select only one type of payment (cash or report credit) for all the examinees you test throughout the entirety of the MACI Research Project. For example, if you select report credits, payment for all examinees tested will be in the form of MACI report credits only. Upon opting-in for the first time, specific information will be requested for payment purposes. You can read more about this in the FAQs document available in the Q-global Resource Library under the Project Documents section in the column on the right or in the file attachment below.

Q-global Support

If further technical assistance or guidance is required, please utilize the following information:

US & Canada 800.249.0659 (7am to 6pm CST) 

Technical Support Email:


For all product-related questions or other Customer Support needs please visit or contact us at 800.627.7271.

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