Welcome Kentucky Educators!

Welcome Kentucky Educators!

The following resources are available to help educators get familiar with CIITS:
In an effort to fully integrate Kentucky's Continuous Instructional Improvement Technology System (CIITS) use in Kentucky classrooms, schools and districts, the following professional learning opportunities are available. Workshop details can be found in the CIITS Workshop Catalog.  Click here to request a district training opportunity.

Online Training Materials

To accommodate the busy schedules of Kentucky educators and maximize resources, KDE is offering on-demand, online training for teachers as well as school and district leaders and administrators on a variety of topics.

  • Online training materials are organized by modules under the navigation tabs at the top of this page.
  • Follow-up webcasts are designed to "close the loop" on learning and give participants an opportunity to ask questions or troubleshoot any issues they may have encountered.
  • For more information on webcasts and additional training opportunities visit the KDE CIITS Training Page.
Module Content:
  • CIITS Initiatives: ACT End-of-Course (EOC) Resources, Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC), Mathematics Design Collaborative (MDC) & Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI)
  • School & District Data: Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Student Profiles, Prior Year Data, Report Bank, Pre-Formatted Reports, Custom Reports, Analysis Spreadsheets, & Publishing Reports
  • Classrooms: Instructional Materials/Resources, Lesson Planner, Assignments, Student Reports, Student Data, Student Groups, Student Workspace, & District Curriculum
  • Assessment Admin: Express Test, Manual Test, Assessment Items, Passages, Rubrics, Scheduling, Administering, GradeCam, Scoring, Assessment Results & CIITS to IC Gradebook Submission

Current Version: 18.0

Schoolnet just got better!  Be the first to learn about the exciting new capabilities in Schoolnet 18.0 by watching this 18.0 Preview Video.
The Instructional Management System (IMS) was upgraded to version 18.0 on Dec. 9 and includes the following enhancements and capabilities.
  • TestNav 8, the summative assessment engine, delivers assessments.
  • TestNav supports a student’s Personal Needs Profile (PNP) and delivers an online testing experience based on his/her accommodation needs. 
  • TestNav 8 Equation Editor provides an intuitive and easy-to-use equation editor. 
  • All textboxes that support formatted text utilize an updated rich text editor.
  • KPI display can be filtered based on grade range at the user’s default institution. 
  • A new single-page experience assists users to create instructional materials. 
  • Users can add custom content sections to the instructional materials they create and edit.
  • Users can export instructional materials as Microsoft Word documents.
  • When searching Item Central or building express tests, teachers can exclude items included in tests scheduled in the current year. 

  • Approving Instructional Materials: Resource
  • Create a Lesson Plan: Resource
  • Submitting Instructional Materials: Manual

Assessment Admin: