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The Peacham Historical Association’s Historical Archives and Collections document the history of Peacham since its founding in 1776. The holdings record settlement, development and evolution of the town from a pioneer outpost to a subsistence farm-based economy to thriving sheep and then dairy farm production, a retreat for summer residents and tourists and a destination for back-to-the-landers, organic farmers and remote Internet-enabled workers.  Areas of specific interest include: 18th  19th and 20th century New England village economic, educational, architectural and social history, church history, family genealogy, the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and World War II, in which various Peacham residents participated.

 The Historical Archives and Collections contain a wide variety of  manuscripts, including letters, diaries and ledgers as well as photographs, maps and textiles. PHA plans to provide electronic access to selected holdings.

Access to the PHA’s Historical Archives and Collections is available on Mondays from 10am-12pm and on Wednesdays from 1-3pm.  You can also contact us to make an appointment for another time.   To download a list of services and fees, click here.  To schedule an appointment, please email us.

Our archivists have carefully cataloged and preserved our extensive collection of documents, textiles and artifacts, and we are proud to share information with the public. 

Peacham, VT Historical Association Research and Archives Center
Lorna Field Quimby
Research and Archives Center


Whether you need to do historical research for a project or fill in missing information on your family tree, our experienced archivists can help.