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Programs & Projects 

PHA Mission Statement:


The PHA collects, preserves and makes available materials and sites relating to the history of the Town of Peacham for educational purposes so that future generations as well as the present one might benefit.


1. Historical Collections

     a. Collecting, accessioning, preserving and making  avail-             able historical collections relating to Peacham

      b. Maintaining regular hours for public access

      c. Conducting special projects


2. Historical Sites

     a. Maintaining and preserving Historical House and 

          displaying artifacts and other materials from

          Peacham's past 

     b. Maintaining and preserving Ashbel Goodenough                  Blacksmith Shop and displaying equipment, tools

          and other items

      c. Developing plans for Peacham Hollow Schoolhouse


3.Educational Programs

     a. Providing ongoing and special exhibits at the 

          Historical House

      b. Conducting demonstrations at the Blacksmith Shop

      c. Presenting stories of people from Peacham's past

           through Ghost Walks on July 4th and Fall Foliage Day

      d. Working with local schools to promote interest in

           Peacham's history 

     e. Holding Annual Meeting with invited speaker


4. Publications 

     a. Publishing and distributing The Peacham Patriot to the

          PHA membership 

     b. Preparing special publications like The Peacham  

          Anthology and Historic Homes of Peacham

     c. Publishing special brochures like Peacham Historical

          Walking Tour

     d. Publishing brochure on general history of Peacham 


 5. Special Events

     a. Offering a range of 4th of July activities to increase

          understanding of Peacham’s history

      b. Offering a range of Fall Foliage activities to increase

          understanding of Peacham’s history

      c. Holding special events like the Penrod play


6. Communication

      a. Maintaining PHA Web site

      b. Distributing The Peacham Patriot

      c. Providing information about PHA and Peacham’s 

           history to new residents 

      d. Holding Annual Membership Meeting

     e. Writing articles in local newspapers like The North Star


7. Strengthening Financial Resources

     a. Maintaining and increasing membership

      b. Publicizing and selling PHA publications

      c. Participating in sales at Craft Guild

      d. Conducting fundraising events and programs