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Youth Ministry Events

Here are some of the projects that we are looking forward to this year!  Please email me with any questions or concerns.  Vee@PeaceUmc.com

April 1, 2018  = EASTER EGG HUNT J 

Proposal 1: I am asking all peace families to please donate some candy/chocolates that we can fill the Easter Eggs with.  I will have a box out that will say Easter Candy Donations starting next Sunday. 

Proposal 2:  I am wondering if should grill some hot dogs or make a potluck event so that we could make sure that the youth eats before the egg hunt begin.  I don’t want our kids eating candy on an empty stomach.  ** reply to me and tell me which one you prefer, POTLUCK or GRILL.  If we grill, can we have some parents donate a pack of hot dogs (chicken, turkey or all beef and/or water bottles)  I will have a sign up sheet by Easter Donation Box or email me. 


Also coming in APRIL –GOD’S SHOP! 

God’s Shop will be a shop for 2nd-11th Grade 

The way the shop will work will be thru a point system.  Effective April, the youth will begin going home with an assignment.  The assignment will consist of 3 questions and the remembrance of the verse we are focusing in that Sunday.  The verse will be connected with the children’s message of the week. 

  1. The youth are to go home and answer the question on their own, based on their own interpretation NOT the parents. and they are to read the verse a couple of times during that week so that the following Sunday they can tell me the scripture plus tell me their interpretation of it.  Each question is worth a certain amount of points and so is the parent’s signature. 

  2. The youth will accumulate points and can redeem them for prices on the shelves.  The shelves will have board games, toys, gift cards, candy, etc…  (They wrote a list of things they were interested in seeing at the shop). 

  3. Parents are expected to encourage their young Christians to complete assignments without influencing (too much) their perspectives.  Instead, I would love for this to be an opportunity for young Christians to explore the scripture by exegeting what they are reading.  This will create a great practice for them that will be beneficial not just with the scripture but in school and in life.  I will be sending them home with the right/wrong questions to help guide them, this paper will be a great tool for parents to use when their kids open up a conversation about their perspective. 

  4. Parents are responsible for their kids! Please be with them when they redeem their points if you have any restrictions to what they can get.  Otherwise, if they have the points, they will get whatever they want on the shelves. 



*The youth would like to have a grill out for all the women, by the fire pit.  We are working on the menu, but grilled chicken is on it J.  We are thinking 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm.  Sides are welcomed from everyone except mom’s (Their only contribution is to show up!)  Those that are interested in bringing sides please email me, once again no mom’s allowed to contribute. 



** I need immediate response for this one as space is very limited! 

We would like to make father’s day a weekend getaway.  Below is all of the information you need.  If you are interested in this PLEASE PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP and let me know 1. How many in the family  2. Are you bringing your pets  3. If you need camping gear (we might have some stuff stored away, I will let everyone know once I go thru them)  


in regards to KOA campgrounds for Father's Day, see info below.    


KOA southwest MN  

3315 West 166th St  

Jordan MN 55352  


Father's Day Deal: Kids under 17 years of age are FREE  







Friday June 22nd through Sunday, June 24th at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science 

Reserve, https://www.cedarcreek.umn.edu/,, at 2660 Fawn Lake Drive NE East Bethel, Minnesota. Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve is a large ecological research site in central Minnesota with natural habitats that represent the entire state. There is no place of comparable biological diversity so close to the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Look for more information in the near future. Housing is available on site in the East, West or South Dorms. Each Unit features 5 Bedrooms, 10 Beds (single), 2 Bathrooms, and shared Living, Kitchen and Dining rooms. https://www.cedarcreekumn.edu/about/facilities. 




(date coming soon) 

COMO Park Pool – is a great place to go and cool off.  In July or Aug Como Pool has a couple of weekend dates that is free for everyone.  When the schedule comes up I will update everyone but I’m Planning on using one of these dates for us to go and have some fun in the sun. 


Our youth will also be partnering with Vadnais Heights "Exploring Water Stewardship Faith-based Communities of the VLAWMO to help keep our waters clean,  we plan on adopting a drain.

We are also working on opening a  PFLAG Chapter, (Parents & Friends of Lesbians And Gays organization).  ALL ARE WELCOME IN OUR COMMUNITY OF FAITH!

Parents night off - Where we will be babysitting and giving parents one night off ;)

There is so much more in the making, just wait and see!

THE END...for now...