We would like to thank all of the people who have helped us spread the word of the gift of honey bees:

  • Willard Phipps, for being more than my mentor and giving me your passion for honey bees. Without you, none of this would be possible. You will always bee with me.
  • Henry Harris, for making all the wonderful interactive contraptions and mini hives to use with kids at functions.
  • Danny Slabaugh, Roger Lawson, Jim Curlee, and Jim Kendall, for the various items, ideas and support
  • Michiana Beekeepers Association members, who have donated items, ideas, and words of encouragement. Forgive me if I missed someone by name, you are all dear to me.
  • Randy Richards for his wonderful "Honeybees in the Classroom" play.
  • The Indiana Beekeepers Association for believing I am worthy of the 2007 Young Beekeeper of the Year.
  • The Indiana State Beekeepers Association for for honoring me as your 2011 Honey Princess.
  • Tim Ives for your friendship, support, encouragement, grant partnership and amazing bee genetics.
  • The Unity Gardens - Sara and Mitch have been such great partners and supporters of our work. We have gained so much from them we cannot begin to list but probably one of the most important is great friendships.