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Erica Smithwick

Dr. Erica Smithwick is an Associate Professor of Geography at The Pennsylvania State University, USA.
She is the Director of the Center for Landscape Dynamics, Faculty Associate of the Earth andEnvironmental Systems Institute at Penn State, and also serves as Graduate Faculty in the Intercollege Graduate Degree Program in Ecology. She is a landscape and ecosystem ecologist whose research focuses on how disturbances affect forest carbon storage and nutrient cycling. She uses field measurements and improves models to forecast the effect of changing climate on disturbance regimes and ecosystem function at regional scales. Current research is focused on the influence of these changes on socio-ecological resilience and sustainability, with special attention to protected area management in Africa and the U.S. More information about Dr. Smithwick's research can be found at Erica's lab website.

Dr. Smithwick is the lead Principal Investigator of the project and works closely with all team members on project implementation and synthesis.  In collaboration with Drs. Lucash and Scheller, she will advise a student on ecological modeling for the Menominee region.