Biography: Talya N. Bauer

Talya N. Bauer (BA, Psychology; Ph.D., Purdue University) is the Cameron Professor of Management at Portland State University and an Affiliated Faculty Member to the Psychology Department.  Dr. Bauer is an award
winning teacher and researcher.  She conducts research about relationships at work.  More specifically, she researchers in the areas of new hire onboarding, recruitment, selection, overqualification, mentoring, and leadership for samples ranging from executives, police officers, knowledge workers, retail employees, teachers, health care workers, research scientists, bank employees, and nurses in countries including the United States, France, Turkey, China, Italy, Greece, Canada, Mexico, and Germany, which have resulted in numerous journal publications published in outlets such as the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Learning and Education Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, and Personnel Psychology

Four SIOP Presidents are pictured here: Far left is Mort McPhail (2016-2017), myself (2018-2019), Fred Oswald (2017-2018), and Eden King (2019-2020) together at the Psychology Department at Rice University. Talya has acted as a consultant for dozens of government, Fortune 1000, and start-up organizations.  Dr. Bauer is involved in professional organizations and conferences at the national level such as serving on elected positions such as the Human Resource Management Executive Committee of the Academy of Management and Member-at-Large for SIOP as well as Membership Chair and the Annual Conference Program Chair (2001) for SIOP.  Dr. Bauer is the former Editor of the Journal of Management and currently serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Applied Psychology.  In addition, she has also serves on the editorial boards for Personnel Psychology, Journal of Management, Oxford Research Reviews: Business and Management, and Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice.  

She is the recipient of the 2012 SIOP Distinguished Teaching Award and the 2015 Academy of Management Human Resource Management division's Innovative Teaching Award.  She has written four textbooks: Organizational Behavior (winner of a 2011 Textbook Authors Association Award) (with Berrin Erdogan), Psychology & Work: Perspectives on I/O Psychology (with Donald Truxillo & Berrin Erdogan), Principles of Management (with Mason Carpenter, Berrin Erdogan, & Jeremy Short), and a management Graphic Novel entitled Atlas Black:  The Complete Adventure (with Jeremy Short, Dave Ketchen, and illustrator Len Simon).  Her work has been discussed in several media outlets including the New York Times, BusinessWeek, Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, USA Today, Oregonian, Portland Business Journal, NPR’s All Things Considered, and KGW News.  She has been a Visiting Professor in France, Spain, and at Google, Inc. in Mountain View, California and has given keynote addresses on the topic of Onboarding in the US, UK, and France including talks and workshops on this topic including at The Conference Board and a keynote address on Onboarding in Australia. She is currently serving the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology as President.