Monthly Research Colloquium

Held on the second Friday of every month
10:00am - 12:00pm
Market Center Building 312 (Mt. Tabor Room), PSU

The purpose of the School of the Environment's MRC is for grad students and faculty to present their work, engage in discussion and build community in environmental scholarship on campus.  You don't have to be an SOE student or faculty to attend. Come join us and have a coffee on us!

 Date Featured Research Groups Speakers
10 Jan 2014Aquatic Ecology
Urban Ecology and Sustainability
Christa von Behren
Patrick Edwards
Ted Hart
14 Feb 2014Urban Ecology and Sustainability
Air Quality, Animal Behavior
Hydrology and Water Resources
Leslie Bliss-Ketchum
Christine Kendrick
Adam Stonewall
11 April 2014Landscape Ecology
Aquatic Ecology
Hydrology and Water Resources
Jodi Schoenen
Arick Rouhe
Sarah Kidd
 10 Oct 2014    
Landscape Ecology
Urban and Watershed Ecology
Jodi Schoenen
Denisse Fisher de Leon
 14 Nov 2014
Urban Ecology and Sustainability
Kat Barnard
Meena Rao
 12 Dec 2014
Conservation Ecology and Biology
Hydrology and Water Resources
Monica Mogilewsky
Z Grabowski
 9 Jan 2015
Aquatic Ecology
Forest Ecology and Management
Tim Elder
Charles Maxwell
 13 Feb 2015
 13 Mar 2015
 10 Apr 2015
 8 May 2015
 12 June 2015