Year   Dissertation Title
Matthew Duveneck2013How Do We Manage Forests For Climate Change? Assessing Resistance and Resilience of Northern Great Lake Forests
Sarah Freed
Social ecological dynamics of coral reef resource use and management
Adelaide Johnson
The role of wood microsites at Timberline-Alpine meadow borders for Conifer regeneration
Trevor Sheffels
Status of Nutria (Myocastor Coupus) populations in the Pacific Northwest and development of associated control and management strategies, with an emphasis on metropolitan habitats
Matthew Brunengo
Where is the rain-on-snow zone in the West-Central Washington Cascades? : Monte Carlo simulation of large storms in the Northwest
Tessa Harden
Late Holocene flood history, flood frequency, and paleoclimate analysis of the central Black Hills, South Dakota
James Radney
Development of a nephelometry camera and a humidity controlled cavity ring-down transmissometer for the measurement of aerosol optical properties
Monica Wright2012An investigation of urban mobile source aerosol using optical properties measured by CRDT/N: Diesel particulate matter and the impact of biodiesel 
Tim Davidson
Biological erosion of marine habitats and structures by burrowing crustaceans 
Candace Gossen
Deforestation, drought, and humans- new discoveries of the late quaternary paleoenvironment of Rapa Nui [Easter Island]
Frank Granshaw2011 Designing and using virtual field environments to enhance and extend field experience in professional development programs in Geology for k-12 teachers
Matthew Hoffman
Spatial and temporal variability of glacier melt in the Mcmurdo dry valleys, Antarctica
Nadezhda Gillett2010Diatom-based stream bioassessment: the roles of rare taxa and live/dead ratio
Kiara Smith
Anaerobic degradation of polycyclic aeromatic hydrocarbons at a creosote-contaminated superfund site and the significance of increased methane production in an organophilic clay sediment cap
Luis Almaraz2009Comparison of the focal properties of selected magnetic and electrostatic lenses and tests of their theoretical models
Josh Caplan2009The role of water and other resources in the invasion of Rubus armeniacus in Pacific Northwest ecosystems
Sybil Kelley2009 Investigating engagement, thinking, and learning among culturally diverse urban sixth-graders experiencing an inquiry-based science cirriculum contextualized in the local environment
Fidelis Manyanga2009Studies of DNA hybridization reactions and applications in genetic assays
Fungai Mukome 2009Prediction of persistence of fertilizer-derived cadmium in Oregon agricultural soils using equilibrium modeling and fertilizer release kinetics
Michael Horne 2008 Theoretical investigations and microarray applications of DNA multiplex hybridization reactions
Cody Jones
What's regulation got to do with it? Examining the impact of regulatory intensity on facility environmental management and performance
Olagunju Olufunke2008Peroxynitrite chemistry Formation, decomposition and possible deactivation mechanisms by thiols