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·      Research Development

o   Faculty Enhancement Grants

o   Professional Travel Grants

§  Contact and Support

o   Research Stimulus Program

§  2011-2012 Research Stimulus Program Awardees

o   Additional Opportunities


·      Sponsored Project Lifecycle

o   Funding Sources

§  Agency Specific Subscriptions

§  Limited Submissions

o   Proposal Development

§  Proposal Development Tools

·      Budget Development

o   OPE Estimator and Budgeting Information

·      Electronic Submission Systems

·      PSU Information for Proposals

·      Sponsor Guidance

§  Proposal Planning

§  PSU Proposal Review and Approval

o   Proposal Submission

o   Sponsor Response

o   Award Acceptance

§  Agreement Processing

§  Award Routing Flowchart

§  Types of Award Instruments

o   Award Initiation and Setup

§  Banner Numbers

o   Award Management

§  Award Terms and Conditions

§  Budget Monitoring

·      Cost Transfer

·      Effort Reporting

§  Project Changes

§  Project Reporting

§  Spending Grant and Contract Funds

·      Allowable Costs

·      Buying Goods and Services

·      Consultants

·      Equipment

·      Hosting

·      Materials and Supplies

·      Participant Support Costs

·      Personnel

o   Graduate Research Assistants

·      Research Subject Incentive Payments

·      Subawards

·      Travel

·      Treatment of Costs – Directly Charged or Charged as F&A

o   End of Budget Period

o   Award Close Out


·      Research Integrity

o   Animal Care and Use

§  Care and Use of Frogs and Newts

§  Care and Use of Rats and Mice

o   Bio-Safety

§  Biosafety Committee Roster

§  Biosafety Links

o   Chemical Hygiene and Laboratory Safety

o   Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure

o   Human Subjects

§  Application and Review Process

§  Continuing Review

§  Decision Charts

§  Do I need a Review?

§  Forms and Applications

§  Frequently Asked Questions about Human Subjects Research Review

§  HSRRC/IRP Basics

§  Human Subjects Links

§  Human Subjects Research Review Committee Policy

§  Human Subjects Research Review Committee Roster

§  Non-University Review

§  Review Type Criteria

§  Submission Deadlines and Meeting Dates for Full-Committee Review

o   Radiation Safety

o   Responsible Conduct of Research


·      Resources

o   Common Acronyms

o   Forms and Policies

o   Proposal Submission Calendar

o   PSU Information for Proposals

o   Sponsored Project Reference Materials

o   Training

o   Contacts

o   Sitemap