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Forms and Policies

View and download PSU policies, forms, and guidance documents by clicking on the links below:

Cost Accounting Standards 
(CAS) Exception Request

Closeout Checklist

Cost Share

Cost Transfer

Effort Reporting

Financial Monitoring

Fly America Act

Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs

Principal Investigator Incentive (PIN) Accounts

Organizational Prior Approval for Spending (OPAS)

          OPAS Form
OPAS Form Guidance

Participant Support

Participant Support Stipend Payment

Proposal Internal Approval Forms

Proposals to Private Funders - Internal Clearance Form

Research Incentives

          Research Incentive Payment Log 

Signature Authority and Delegation

Sponsored Awards Charging

Subcontract Requests

Subrecipient or Vendor Determination 

Vendor Determination

Subrecipient Proposal Assurance 

Tax Exemption

         Tax Exemption Letter

Tuition and Fees for PSU Students 
(Graduate Assistantships or Participant Support)

Tuition and fees paid to PSU students from sponsored project funds are processed via the Student Remissions Application system. Contact Jennifer Ochsner Halford in Financial Aid for assistance: