Award Terms and Conditions

Sponsoring agencies outline requirements for administering awards in the terms and conditions incorporated in the award instrument. The terms and conditions may be included directly in the text of the award document or incorporated by reference. The terms and conditions are frequently outlined in sponsor policy that must be reviewed and followed in addition to the language explicitly stated in the award document.   It is not always clear which provisions referenced apply to a particular award or their order of precedence.  It is important for administrators to understand the multiple layers of requirements in order to effectively support investigators as they carry out the award. SPA is developing tools to highlight requirements at the award initiation stage to assist DRAs and PIs in understanding the requirements applicable to each individual award.

The following are references to common terms and conditions of sponsored awards.

Federal Grants
OMB Circular A-110 (2 CFR Part 215), provides a set of standards for administration of Federally funded grant awards including financial management, purchasing, property management, and records access and retention. The standards are presented as a minimum set of requirements that must be met by each organization doing business with the federal government by accepting grants and cooperative agreements.

Federal Contracts 
Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) serves as the policy and procedure manual for federal contract officers on how to construct a contract; it is written by federal employees for federal employees.

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Research Terms and Conditions
NIH Grants Policy Statement
NSF Award Administration Guide 

Oregon University System Grants & Contracts Administration Policy is outlined in FASOM 05.01 which covers basic principles contained in A-21 and other grants administration topics  that have been especially important to OUS institutions such as graduate fee remissions (FASOM 05.02), specialized service facilities (FASOM 05.03), depreciation and use allowances (FASOM 05.04) and time-and-effort reporting (FASOM 05.05).