Banner Numbers

FOAPAL is an acronym for the six chart of accounts elements (Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity and Location) designated in the system by codes (fund code, org code, account code, etc.) used to process and manage financial data in Banner.

A six-digit Index code is established for each sponsored project that links Fund, Org, Program codes together.  In the PSU numbering schema for indexes, the index for sponsored project is often the same number assigned as the fund code.  PSU typically refers to the Index Code when describing the Banner code associated with sponsored projects as the index code is the number entered in Banner to assign funding source to expenditure transactions and running many budget queries and reports. [It is important to note that not all reports and queries provide the option to search by index code and may require entry of fund and org codes in the appropriate field.] 

A Fund identifies the type of resource, how it can be spent. The fund code is based on Fund Accounting principles to recognize both external and internal restrictions placed on funds.  At least one separate fund is established in the restricted fund series for each sponsored project award so that activity on the award can be separately accounted for.  The numbering system in the fund hierarchy for sponsored project includes logic to indicate the source and type of funding.  

The first number of the fund code indicates the primary funding source

2XXXXX         Federal Funding

3XXXXX         State/Local Government Funding

4XXXXX         Foundation/Nonprofit/Private/Corporation Funding

Org indicates the specific department and/or organized research unit associated with the award (this is typically the home department of the lead PI or the center/institute through which the project is managed) 

Account codes define the type of activity such as revenues, expenses, and transfers in the Operating Ledger, and assets, liabilities, and fund balances in the General Ledger.  For purposes of sponsored projects administration, account codes are used to classify categories of expense such as payroll, equipment, supplies, F&A, etc.

Program codes are used to identify an institutional function such as research, public service, student services.  

Cost Share
Cost share indexes, indicated by third digit as a Z.  First two digits of department (i.e. CH); the final three digits (i.e. 001) are sequential.  Uses the same Fund/ORG as the department, but uses the Program Code from the grant, and an activity code that specifically identifies expenditures posted to the index as costs associated with the related sponsored project.  

FOAPAL - An acronym for the six chart of accounts elements used to process financial data (Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity, Location). Transactions in the Operation Ledger (OPAL) require fund, organization, account, and program, sometimes referred to as FOAP. Transactions in the General Ledger require only fund and account. All of the elements, with the exception of activity codes, are hierarchical and roll up from lower data entry levels to higher summary levels.