Radiation Safety

Portland State University has established the Radiation Safety committee in order to provide faculty, staff and students with expert advice and information on issues related to the hazards associated with the use of radioactive materials and radiation producing equipment.

The committee reviews policy and procedures related to the use of radioactive materials and radiation producing equipment in research and teaching, recommending any necessary improvements to manage risk and to comply with federal and state regulations. Additionally, the committee reviews applications to use radioactive materials and radiation producing equipment on the PSU campus, making recommendations for any corrective actions needed.

The Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) and Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) are responsible for ensuring that all uses of ionizing radiation are in compliance with existing ORPS requirements.  The RSC administers the Radiation Safety Program and the RSO manages the safe use of radioactive material on campus via training, laboratory audits, laboratory surveys, radionuclide control and inventory, personal dosimetry and waste management.

If you would like additional information on the campus radiation safety program or other radiation-related topics, please contact the RSO at (503) 725-5269 or email Scott Jaqua at sjaqua@pdx.edu 

More information and resources can be found on the Environmental Health and Safety program website at:


Radiation Safety Committee Roster

Michael Bartlett
Jon Abramson                          
Chuck Cooper
(EHS Consultant)

Environmental Health & Safety
Andrea Goforth

Scott Jaqua
Radiation Safety Officer
Environmental Health &  Safety
 503-725-5269 sjaqua@pdx.edu
Kathy Samson        Student Health & Counseling    503-725-2800    ksam@pdx.edu
Lorraine McConnell
(Director of Research Integrity)
Research & Strategic Partnerships503-725-5484Lorrain2@pdx.edu