Human Subjects


 The correct contact information for questions regarding being a research participant needs to be included in consent forms. Please use this contact information:

     PSU Institutional Review Board
     Office of Research Integrity
     1600 SW 4th Ave., Market Center Building, Ste. 620
     Portland, OR 97201
     (503) 725-2227 or 1 (877) 480-4400

This address and phone number(s) must be used in consent forms. Please review our consent templates, or contact our office, if there are any questions related to this requirement.

General Information

The Institutional Review Board (IRB), [aka HSRRC], regulates PSU research activities involving human subjects and provides independent determination on the methods, risks, benefits, and rights involved in human subjects research.

The PSU IRB is scheduled to meet the third Friday of each month.  Protocols must be submitted two weeks in advance of the meeting (the first Friday of the month) to be included on the full board agenda for full review protocols.  

Per PSU policy, please plan for a minimum of 4-6 weeks between submission of an IRB application and approval from the IRB.

Portland State University's Federal Wide Assurance Number:  FWA 00000091

Portland State University's Institutional Review Board Registration Number:  IRB 1 = #00000903


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Human Subjects Research Review Committee
Research & Strategic Partnerships (RSP)
PO Box 751
Portland, OR 97207
503-725-2227 (1-877-480-4400)
503-725-8170 (fax)