About Senator Hatfield

Senator Hatfield with Students
Born in Dallas, Oregon in 1922, Mark O. Hatfield graduated from Willamette University in 1943 and completed advanced studies at Stanford in 1948 after service in the U.S. Navy during the Second World War. He moved quickly through a series of increasingly progressive and public assignments: associate professor of political science 1949-1956 and dean of students 1950-1956, Willamette University; Oregon house of representatives 1951-1955; Oregon senate 1955-1957; Oregon secretary of state 1957-1959; Governor of Oregon 1959-1967; elected as a Republican to the United States Senate in 1966, where he served the next 30 years.During his long and successful career, Mark O. Hatfield took his place among the lawmakers and leaders who have shaped Oregon's independent nature and innovative reputation. Along the way he also developed a national reputation as a man of conscience, courage, impeccable fairness, and thoughtful intelligence. His unwavering commitment to social justice and the public good was at the center of every decision and, occasionally, each lonely position. Through the years and in a variety of roles, he garnered a rock solid reputation for his vision, insight, compassion, and skills at consensus.

The measures of this man are the same attributes and values we pursue in developing leaders and managers for public and nonprofit service. Portland State University's school of government is named in honor of Mark O. Hatfield and his exceptional public career.

On Public Service Leadership

Leaders create the kind of visions that generate passion, build support, test courage, and ultimately succeed in transforming visions into lasting legacies for future generations. This is what makes public service leadership so special.

-- Senator Mark O. Hatfield