Hi All,


This is Liddy Champion, the Coordinator of the PSU Food Pantry.  I am very excited to continue working for a program that is both personally important to me as well as something so valuable to the PSU community. 


The PSU Food Pantry is a resource for all PSU students, who, if they wish, may pick up to five food items per day, free of change.  It is located in SMSU 047A, open Monday-Friday, 12:30-2:30 pm and it is the students, staff, and faculty who not only benefit from this resource, but whose volunteer service is critical to keeping the food pantry open and available. 


Therefore, I would like to extend a great opportunity to the PSU community.  Currently we are looking for volunteers who can contribute by staffing, or stocking the pantry, among other needs of the space, such as advertising.


If interested please fill out the following PSU Food Pantry Volunteer Interest Form with your contact information, hours of availability, and other relevant information.  PSU Food Pantry Volunteer Interest Form: 


Further information and training will be provided for those who become volunteers.

Thank you,

Liddy Champion