Overview of Course Assignments & Requirements:


1. Contact the coordinator at your assigned site and arrange to meet for a site orientation (see Site Responsibilities on page 10) to occur (TBD). Following the orientation, send a description of the meeting to dbrw@pdx.edu as an MS Word attachment that addresses each point (A-F) listed under Orientation to the class site (#6) near the end of the Site Responsibilities document on page 10 of the Requirement Guidelines. The Site Orientation is due (TBD).

2. Job Performance: Prepare and implement ESL lessons beginning (TBD) and ending (TBD).

3. Participation: Attend weekly meetings (TBD). The first meeting is on (TBD). Bring your folder with class handouts and other items requested by the supervisor. Check your PSU email often and participate in on-line dialogs with fellow student-teachers and the supervisor during the term.

4. A Preliminary Report, written after teaching at least three classes, must be sent to dbrw@pdx.edu as an MS Word attachment by (TBD).

5. Stage One (one unbound hard copy) including a curriculum guide and appendices for at least the first five classes you have taught is due at the meeting on (TBD).

6. When the supervisor arrives to observe your class (TBD), give her a packet that includes the lesson objectives, procedure, and materials you plan to use. Also include the objectives, procedure, materials, and reflection for the previous class. Attend a conference with the supervisor (TBD) to discuss the observation.

7. A Site Report, written after teaching your final class, must be sent to dbrw@pdx.edu as an MS Word attachment by (TBD).

8. Two hard copies (one bound) of your Final Report are due at the final meeting (TBD). One copy of your final report will be graded and returned to you. The bound copy will first be loaned to the practicum student that is assigned to your site next term, and then it will become part of the library of resources to be used by future practicum students.


Optional Assignment: Observe a LING 409/509 teacher at a different site and send a written report to both the supervisor and the practicum student you observed. The report is due as an MS Word attachment by (TBD).