Reasons to Take the Practicum:

The Community ESL Practicum: LING 4/509

You can gain valuable teaching experience in a supportive and collegial environment and fulfill many of the LING Portfolio requirements and …

  • teach your own class of intrinsically motivated and appreciative adult ESL learners twice a week for eight weeks.
  • design curriculum based on the needs and interests of the learners in your class.
  • try out teaching techniques, approaches, and methods in a supportive environment.
  • meet weekly (time to be determined (TBD) based on all participants’ schedules) with the supervisor and the other student-teachers participating in the Project to share ideas, lesson plans, materials, etc.
  • complete a Final Report that will impress future employers.  You will also have access to at least 50 previously written Final Reports – many of which were completed by now current IELP teachers.
  • have access to the Community ESL Practicum Resource room.  You can borrow previous reports, textbooks, and reproducible materials.  Add to your own professional library.
  • have access to the Community ESL Practicum Wiki site. The site has helpful resources to help you plan your curriculum and individual lessons. There are example templates for lesson plans, student created material from former practicum students, and useful website links for material creation and advice. There are also pages of advice from former practicum students.
  • be observed by the LING 4/509 supervisor and discuss your teaching strengths and areas for improvement in a conference. 
  • have a professional reference who has seen you teach.  Files for each practicum student are kept for two years following the term you are enrolled in the Community ESL Practicum.
  • complete the degree course requirement for Applied Linguistics Group I:  Language Education.   

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