2010 OTS Archive

2nd Annual Oregon Transportation Summit Archives

The 2nd Annual OTS was held at Portland State University on Friday, September 10, 2010. The following information represents the proceedings of the Summit, sharing speakers' presentations when available.

Summit Archives: Plenary Session

The topic of the plenary session in 2010 was performance management. As with climate change and road pricing the previous year, this is a topic that is shaping transportation policy in Washington, D.C., with implications at the state, regional and local levels. Joshua Schank, Director of Transportation Research at the Bipartisan Policy Center, presented "Performance Driven: A New Vision for U.S. Transportation Policy.” Terry Moore of EcoNorthwest presented a prepared response and OTREC Director Jennifer Dill moderated a question and answer session.

Summit Archives: Workshop Sessions

The following sessions were held during the Summit; where the speaker names are links, presentations are available for download.  Detailed session descriptions are also available in the online program. Also available for download: Speaker Bios.

Plenary Session

Performance-Based Decision-Making: The Game Changer

Resilient Infrastructure

  • Josh Bruce, Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience at the University of Oregon, Moderator
  • Craig Shike, Oregon DOT
  • Andre Le Duc, OPDR/UO
  • Yumei Wang, ODGAMI

Transportation Planning Rule (TPR) Cagematch

  • Frank Angelo, Angelo Planning Group, Moderator
  • Bob Cortright, DLCD
  • Lidwein Rahman, ODOT
  • Kathryn Brotherton, City of Eugene
  • Tom Kloster, Metro

Livability in Small Communities with No Money

Go Go Gadget Gadgets (Technology Showcase)

No powerpoint presentations were made during this session.

Are You Charged Up about Electric Vehicles?

The Changing Climate of Transportation Planning

Practical Design

Transportation Governance

  • Lynn Peterson, Clackamas County Board of Commissioners, Moderator
  • Stephen Griffith, City Club of Portland/Stoel Rives
  • Susan Brody, Portland State University
  • Coleeen Clementson, SANDAG
  • Steve Rudy, DRCOG

Transportation Implications of Brownfields