Welcome to Portland State University's LIFE  Evaluation site! 

This site was created so that providers can view and/or download evaluation tools. It is also a good place to post questions that may be helpful for everyone in the field to see. All agency members of the LIFE team (Facilitators, Coordinators, Parent Mentors, and Caseworkers) have access to this site. Just click the links on the left to go to pages that have tools specific for each of these members of the LIFE team. 

Please remember that this site is not private. Please do not include family names, ID numbers, or other identifying information on this site.

Who can you contact with questions?

Jennifer Holman, Title IV-E Waiver Program Manager: jennifer.holman@state.or.us

Mark Harris, Title IV-E Waiver Consultant for D2: mark.harris@dhsoha.state.or.us

Josh Miller, Title IV-E Waiver Consultant for D8: josh.g.miller@state.or.us

David Matz, Title IV-E Waiver Consultant for D3 and D15:

Carrie Furrer, LIFE Evaluation Principal Investigator: cfurrer@pdx.edu

FNC Parent Mentor

What is Leveraging Intensive Family Engagement (LIFE)?                                                             With a goal of timely permanency for youth, LIFE services use a four pronged approach to support families involved with the Department of Human Services, Child Welfare: 1) intensive family finding efforts to create and strengthen relationships with kith and kin; 2) structured case planning meetings that are strengths based, trauma informed, culturally responsive, and family driven; 3) referrals to Parent Mentors who, with their intimate knowledge of Child Welfare and related social service systems, can facilitate the family's navigation through these services; and 4)  the collaboration of members of each family's LIFE team, including Family Engagement Facilitators, Coordinators, Parent Mentors, and DHS Caseworkers, as well as any others who are there to aid in each family's success.       

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Morrison's Parents Anonymous Parent Mentors