Online Internship Course in Business Administration

This course is conducted fully online using D2L. You must be beginning/continuing a SBA related internship, be eligible to take 300-level SBA coursework, and have a GPA above 2.5 in order to take this class. 

This course is fully online using D2L. In order to take the internship course, you must also:

1)  Have already received an official offer for your internship. 
2)  Begin your internship on or before the first day of the term and work as an intern the entire duration of the term.
3)  Have a manager/supervisor who is unrelated to you as a family member.
4)  Include sufficient detail. Applications without sufficient detail describing the internship may be rejected.

Your grade (pass/no pass) for the course will be based on applying key business skills identified by NACE to your internship/practicum and reflecting on your experience with both the material and your applied experiences to help you become more effective in the short and long term by setting goals, reflecting on your internship process, and viewing videos on best practices. This online internship course is now offered every term. After you receive an approval email, please register for the course through

In order to apply for this course (either the 1-credit, 2-credit, or 4-credit option) and to identify your eligibility, please fill out and submit the form below.   We will check your eligibility and send you an email letting you know if you are eligible. If so, you will need to register for the course as you'll have been approved at that point.  Please allow at least 5 business days for this process. If you have not heard back within 5 days, please email Emma Britton at to check on the status of your application.  Thank you!

*Note: If you are already employed at a regular full-time job, do not fill out this form. If you wish to apply for the 1 or 4 credit course called MGMT 409 - Practicum in Management- please talk to your manager about a stretch goal and complete the form for that course instead of this one:  The rest of the procedures are the same as listed above.

SBA Internship MGMT 404 Worksheet Form