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Shiloh Halsey

Shiloh Halsey completed his Master's of Science at PSU in the spring of 2013.   He researched the geographic distribution of bobcat (Lynx rufus) in the southern Cascade mountains of Washington state. The creation of this species distribution model is part of a broader study looking into habitat suitability for a future reintroduction of fisher (Martes pennanti) to the southern Washington Cascades. Through the collection of presence and absence data from various sources such as the National Parks Service, Cascade Forest Conservancy, Cascades Carnivores, and surveys conducted by Shiloh in 2012, he will be creating a species distribution model to help guide the possible reintroduction of fisher and to help direct management of bobcat in the state.

The survey component of the study consists of remote camera surveys in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest to determine presence and absence of bobcat. 

Shiloh also worked on the Vegetation-Fire-Owl Project creating animated maps of northern spotted owl habitat in the Eastern Cascades of Oregon and Washington.

Contact: shiloh [at ]