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Matthew J. Duveneck, PhD.

Former Ph.D. Student

At Portland State University DE&L Lab, Matthew Duveneck studied the effects of climate change and management interactions on forests in the Great Lakes Region. He defended his dissertation in November 2013.  Video of public defense available here.  His research interests include climate change and acute disturbance effects to forests including fire and harvesting. Matthew received his BS in Resource Conservation from the University of Montana, his MS in Forest Resources from the University of Massachusetts, and his PhD in Environmental Science and Resources from Portland State University.  Prior to his PhD research, Matthew held a Fire Science Faculty and Department Chair appointment at the Southern Maine Community College and studied wildland fire behavior.   Currently, Matthew is a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University's Harvard Forest

E-mail: mduveneck [at]

Projects:  Forest Management and Climate Change in MN/MI

Aug 20, 2014, 10:54 AM