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Dr. E. Louise Loudermilk

Research Faculty

Louise received her PhD at the University of Florida (Interdisciplinary Ecology program) in May 2010.  Her research experience includes spatial simulation modeling of forest ecosystems from the population to landscape level with emphasis on understanding tree demography in response to varying fire regime in southeastern U.S. pine forests. She has also used terrestrial remote sensing instrumentation to measure and assess relationships of understory surface fuels (using ground-LIDAR and in situ data) and real-time fire behavior (using thermal imagery).

At PSU, she focused on simulating carbon dynamics and forest succession in response to a changing climate, fuel treatments, and fire regimes in the Lake Tahoe Basin, CA, NV. She also worked on a project investigating the variability in estimates of forest structure and biomass and addressing questions about scale and impacts on simulated wildfires across a portion of the eastern Cascades of central WA.

PSU related Projects:  Wildfire and Fuels in LTB, Forest Structure in WA

Other Projects: Pine and Hardwood Interactions in GA & FL, Linking Fire Behavior and Understory Fuels - LIDAR & FLIR

Current Email: elloudermilk [at]