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Harisharan Luintel

PhD Candidate.

Harisharan Luintel is a PhD candidate in the Earth, Environment and Society program in the School of the Environment, Portland State University. His broader research interest includes elucidating ecological and socio-economic implications of international and national environmental policies in the local forest resources and forest dependent communities. He takes inter-disciplinary approaches and uses mixed methods in his researches. As part of his PhD research, he examines how local ecological and socio-economic conditions and institutional practices affect management of Nepal’s forest commons that drive carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation and therefore contribute global environmental initiatives. In ecological front, he assesses forest condition in terms of carbon and biodiversity and identifies the relations between them in different forest management regimes and geography. He further identifies the impact of two and half decade long community forestry program in carbon and biodiversity. In the economic front, he examines how benefits are flowed to, and equity is promoted in, the forest dependent communities. In the social and institutional front, he assesses the policy avenues and institutional practices of forest-managing communities that drive carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation.  

Prior to join PhD program, he worked over 15 years in action-research, policy analysis, capacity building and teaching in the field of participatory forestry and poverty reduction primarily in Nepal. He has co-authored and published a number of peer-reviewed articles, research reports, book chapters, policy briefs and discussion papers in the field of his engagement. In addition, he is one of the editors of the Journal of Forest and Livelihood. For more, please refer the attached CV.

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Harisharan Luintel,
Aug 24, 2015, 7:58 PM