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Garry Sotnik

Ph.D. Candidate, Adjunct Faculty, Complexity/Systems Science

As a Ph.D. candidate in the Complexity/Systems Science Program, Garry employs multi -actor and -network modeling in studying coevolutionary interactions between social and ecological processes. His dissertation work involves developing a social human extension for LANDIS-II and using it to study change in forest use and management practices, as well as in institutions, early warning signals, regime shifts, and social-ecological traps.

  • Modeling Social-Ecological Systems (Winter, SYSC 334U, online)
  • Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling (Spring, SYSC 332U, online)

Garry received both his B.S. in Management with a concentration in Finance (1999) and M.A. in Economics (2007) from Boston University. After receiving his M.A., Garry worked in the Middle East as a development economist, leading survey-based research projects focused on poverty, social protection, and labor markets and funded by the European Commission, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, World Bank, and other local and international government and non-government organizations.

Garry enjoys hiking and camping, beekeeping, and working with troubled animals.

E-mail: gsotnik [at]
Garry Sotnik,
Dec 15, 2015, 11:10 PM