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Dr. Melissa S. Lucash

Research Assistant Professor

My research interests have always been centered around improving our understanding of feedbacks between above- and belowground processes.  I began my research career studying climate change impacts on leaf physiology (M.S. in Environmental Science at Oregon State University).  While working as a plant physiologist with Dynamac Corporation (US EPA Laboratory- Western Ecology Division in OR), I became more aware of the importance of understanding belowground processes.  This led me to pursue a Ph.D. in root physiology and soils at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.  I studied nutrient uptake by trees, both in the laboratory and in the field (Calhoun Experimental Forest in SC and Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest in NH).  After graduation, I turned my attention to biogeochemistry, studying nutrient cycling of foliage and soils in the northeastern U.S.  

After many years of empirical studies, I have now shifted to modelling work.  In my research, I focus primarily on studying the impacts of climate change, disturbances and forest management on forests.  Most of my time is spent working on a project which aims to better integrate climate change results into forest management planning in northern MN.  I recently completed a study on how climate change, fire and gypsy moths may affect C and N cycling of vegetation and soils in the NJ Pine Barrens.  

Phone:  503-725-3894 (office)  Email:  lucash [at]

Twitter Handle: @MelissaLucash

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Melissa Lucash,
Sep 28, 2016, 10:51 AM