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Current Interns

Marley Luke

My name is Marley Luke and I am a junior at Portland State University. I am currently double-majoring in  Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering with a minor in GIS. With this combination I hope to work in environmental restoration and water resources especially focused around forests and streams. Other than school, I loved to be involved in student groups. Usually I can be found helping Engineers Without Borders. Otherwise, I love to hike, swim, and explore all that Portland has to offer. I am extremely exciting to work in Dr. Scheller's lab and learning more about fire effects on forests through Brooke's research.

Kristen Purdy

Kristen Purdy is an undergraduate student in the DE&L lab working with Brooke Cassell. Brooke’s research is on fuel treatment effectiveness under extreme fire conditions in dry mixed-conifer forests of the Malheur National Forest in Eastern Oregon. Kristen helps Brooke with the community-based focus of her work. During Fall Term, they conducted multiple focus groups with community members in the study area to determine how they felt about fire management practices. Community members participated in a mapping project where they drew on overlays where they would and would not like to see light thinning, heavy thinning, and prescribed fire practices in the Malheur National Forest. Since then, Kristen has been working on transcribing the focus groups for use in coding, and converting the focus group maps to useable shapefiles in ArcMap.

Kristen is graduating from Portland State in June 2017, earning a B.S. in Environmental Science and a minor in Geographic Information Sciences. Throughout her experience at Portland State, she has worked hard to weave together community building and environmental science. Her focuses are on community-based science, participatory mapping, and communicating science with those most vulnerable to environmental issues.

Zachary Robbins

 Zachary Robbins is an undergraduate in the Environmental Science program and the modeling intern at the Dynamic Ecosystems and Landscapes lab. His current projects include aiding to develop new extensions for hydrology and fire interaction on the LANDIS-II model and analyzing the impact of fuel treatments on biodiversity. Zachary aspires to study how vegetative pathogens, parasites, and invasive species interact with the fire and pest regimes of northern forests, woodlands, and savannahs. Further, He hopes to study the impacts of altered disturbance regimes on topics such as isolated populations of megafauna, detritivore relationships, and dispersal patterns.